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Social Justice teams in action

Join a Social justice ministry teams

If you are interested in getting more involved in social justice issues consider joining one of our issue focused ministry teams. These teams take action by organizing and collaborating on a specific issue related to a root cause of injustice. 


LGBTQ+ Family Support Network

The LGBTQ+ Family Support Network is a faith-based support group that provides on-going education and resources, guest speakers and peaceful advocacy. Any LGBTQ+ person or family member, including parents, grandparents, or guardians of an LGBTQ+ person are encouraged to join the group, regardless of church or faith community affiliation.

Gun Violence

Gun Violence Prevention Ministry

Our team will explore gun violence as a public health crisis and work to spread awareness and education on how to reduce gun violence in our community

Holding Hands

Racial Justice Ministry

The Racial Justice Ministry is forming a racial justice leadership team. Together, this team will work to create racial justice awareness, acceptance and understanding with our congregation through classes, speakers, and activities. This group will also work with other churches and organizations in promoting racial justice.

mental health

Mental Health and Wellness Ministry

Info coming soon


Pastor's Note

Venom: Jesus & Nicodemus

   It seemed like every televised football game in the 1970s had a huge banner displayed in the stands near the end-zone with “John 3:16” emblazoned on it. Many times, the banner was the work of one man, Rollen Stewart, who traveled from town to town, seemingly just to unfurl

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