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It’s Pentecost!

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Passage: Acts 2:1-16
Series: He Appeared
In today’s sermon, Rev. Dr. Andy Blacksher reminds us of the Holy Spirit who is here to bring holy chaos and do new things among us.



Construction Update

The historic chapel elevator was disabled by a lightning strike on May 8th. The elevator was repaired on June 4 and is ready for use! A roofing company will be removing and replacing two sections of flat roof above the sanctuary roof over the next couple of weeks. These repairs

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Stained glass representation of Jesus conversing with a man
Pastor's Note

What’s the point of the Sabbath?

Dear Friends at Manchester UMC,      I was the supervisor of United Methodist churches in the St. Louis area for eight years. In that capacity, I worshipped in a different church every Sunday. Without exception, every church I visited proclaimed that they were a friendly church. But as a visitor,

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