Race & Education in St. Louis

Date: Sunday, July 11, 2021
Time: 7 to 8:30p
Location: Fellowship Hall | Manchester UMC (Near the intersection of Hwy 141 & Manchester Road) and Live Stream
Guest Panel: Dr. Howard Fields III, Dr. Sarah Riss, Nick Reinhardt
Moderator: State Representative Trish Gunby

Manchester UMC is sponsoring a community conversation on “Race and Education in St. Louis.” This learning opportunity is offered in response to recent controversy in local schools around this subject. A panel of local experts will discuss timely topics, including:

  • What actually is “Critical Race Theory”?
  • What does diversity education look like?
  • Why are we still talking about race?

Panelists will engage in a live Q&A session with the audience toward the end of the event.

This free in-person event will also be live-streamed and everyone is welcome! No registration is necessary.

Download the promotional flyer or view media news release.

Discussion Panelists

Dr. Howard Fields III 43

Dr. Howard Fields III

  • Assistant Superintendent of a West County School District
  • Co-founder of Black Males in Education, STL
  • Author: “How To Teach Educational Equity”

Dr. Sarah Riss 43

Dr. Sarah Riss

  • Senior Associate, Educational Equity Consultants
  • Retired Superintendent of a West County School District

Nick Reinhardt Swierk 800x800

Nick Reinhardt, MTS

  • Director of Social Justice and Young Adult Ministries at Manchester UMC
  • Local Community Organizer and Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
  • Author: “Holding Up Your Corner: Guided Conversations on Race: Youth Resource”

Trish Gunby

  • Panel Moderator
  • Manchester UMC Member
  • Missouri State Representative for the 99th District

Covid-19 Safety Practices

Masks are optional for fully vaccinated persons as well as children 11 and younger. All participants are asked to self pre-screen before coming to this event.

If questions, please email the Social Justice Administrative Assistant, Linda Simino.

About Manchester UMC

Manchester United Methodist Church is a 2,700-member congregation located at 129 Woods Mill Rd. in Manchester, Mo. The church is an inclusive community of believers who have a caring commitment to the community. The people of Manchester UMC are dedicated to making a difference in the world. For more information, visit www.manchesterumc.org/about.

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