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General Inclement Weather Policy

The Senior Pastor and Church Administrator are responsible for the decision to close Manchester UMC because of weather conditions. This includes morning, afternoon and evening activities for children, youth, and adults.

The Church Administrator will work with the Director of Communications to ensure the closing is communicated to all concerned persons. MUMC employees are responsible for seeking this information through our website, email, church phone system audio response, or contacting their supervisor.

In addition, St. Louis local television stations and websites KMOV, KSDK, and FOX2News will all have posted alerts about MUMC’s closing (NOTE: these will appear on KMOV’s website only, not on tv.)

If you are a ministry leader and you choose to cancel your group or event and the church is NOT officially closed, it is your responsibility to contact your group members to let them know.

For more information, please call the church’s main office number.

Circle of Friends Preschool Policy: 

INCLEMENT WEATHER AND LATE START: COF ECC follows Parkway School District Inclement Weather Cancelation days. When Parkway School District has late start days, COF ECC will begin school at the normal start and end times. When Parkway School District has a late start for Inclement Weather, COF ECC will cancel preschool to ensure the safety of our families and staff.  If Manchester United Methodist Church closes, then COF ECC will close.


Pastor's Note

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Pastor's Note

A Dream of Manchester UMC

The night before my first Monday as part of the staff of Manchester UMC, I had a dream. I dreamed I was packing a large suitcase. Evidently, I was traveling to some spot where I was to address a large group of people on a topic dealing with spiritual life. But I was having

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