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Helping people at every age live wisely

The mission of LifeWise STL is to help individuals and families achieve economic well-being by providing high-impact, relationship-based programming and by addressing systemic barriers to their success.

LifeWise STL uses a model that is based on educational programming fused with personalized and supportive coaching. This evolution led us to choose LifeWise STL as our name, which conveys what we are all about — helping people at every age live wisely.

donate & serve opportunitities

Manchester UMC works with partner agencies in collecting much needed items for their clients as well as ways to volunteer time.

Donate Much Needed Items

LifeWise StL clients are in need of these items:

  • Men’s apparel
  • Coats:  All sizes

Bring these items to the LifeWise Collection Bins, located near the main office.

THANK YOU, Volunteers!

On Saturday, August 12th, Manchester UMC volunteers served at LifeWise StL’s Back-to-School event where over 400 children and their families passed through the store and picked out their own brand new backpacks, school supplies, and new sneakers! 

Thank you all who gave their time to help St. Louis student start the school year with these much needed items!



Exactly How Did I Get Here?

Romans 5:6-8. We all wonder how we got to the places we inhabit. Sometimes we muddle along and find ourselves in a place of great blessing. We receive more than we’ve given. But the opposite is also true: Sometimes we do our due diligence, but everything turns to mud. Problems

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Pastor's Note

A Dream of Manchester UMC

The night before my first Monday as part of the staff of Manchester UMC, I had a dream. I dreamed I was packing a large suitcase. Evidently, I was traveling to some spot where I was to address a large group of people on a topic dealing with spiritual life. But I was having

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This Moment To Arise

Psalm 37:1-6. The transfiguration event revealed the identity of Jesus in a flash of light. The disciples witnessed it, but had to go back down the mountain into the darkness of the world around them. Even though we are broken and flawed, God’s “limitless, undying love” shines all around us

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