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The Columbarium was added to our offerings in 2007. It provides a final resting place for those who have selected cremation as their final disposition. The Columbarium is located at the Northwest corner of the church building and is part of the Memorial Garden. There are single and companion niches available for purchase.

The size of the niches are as follows: single – 6 ½ x 7 inches; double – 10 ¾ x 7 inches. Any type or material of cremation urn may be used provided it fits in the niche. The urn is to be purchased by the family or agent. It is not provided by the Cemetery Committee. Engraving is included in the purchase price of the niche and will include only the name and birth and death dates.  There are no other charges or fees. Insignias, emblems or verses are not permitted. If desired, memorial services may be scheduled and planned by the family with the clergy. Care of the Columbarium and Garden is the responsibility of the Memorial Garden Committee.

Contact Information:

If you are interested in further information, including costs, or purchasing any of the offerings for a final resting place of a loved one you may contact the church office at 636.394.7506.

Those interested in purchasing a niche or a space on the Memorial Wall may contact Corrine Thompson in the church office at 636.394.7506.

Those interested in purchasing a grave or wishing additional information may leave a message for Roy Veatch through our church office at 636.394.7506.

Cemetery Endowment Fund

The Cemetery, John Wesley Ward Meditation & Memorial Wall, and the Manchester UMC Columbarium operate independently of the church.  The cost of maintaining the grounds comes from proceeds of the sale of burial plots, Columbarium niches, and Memory Wall inscriptions. The obligation to maintain the grounds, Columbarium, and wall extends into perpetuity. The sale of plots, niches, and inscriptions will someday not provide income needed for maintenance.

A Manchester UMC Cemetery Endowment Fund was established in 1993. The fund is a custodial account with the Missouri United Methodist Foundation. The Manchester UMC Endowment Committee has oversight of the financial aspects of the fund while the Cemetery Committee is responsible for decisions regarding the use of the fund. Currently, the Endowment Fund has assets of approximately $100,000. Based on current maintenance costs, the Endowment and the Cemetery Committee believe it will take a fund of at least $200,000 to provide enough returns to cover maintenance costs when proceeds from new sales no longer cover costs.

Information on making gifts to the Endowment Fund directed to the Cemetery Fund can be found on this page.


Pastor's Note

The Missouri Annual Conference

Every year, United Methodists from all across the Missouri Conference gather together for our annual meeting. This year, the meeting will be Friday June 9 through Sunday June 11 in St. Charles. Manchester UMC will be represented there by Revs. Andy Bryan, Phil Estes, Winter Hamilton, and Jim Peich. Our

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My Chains Fell Off

Conversion is a key idea in Wesleyan theology, and was a central part of the faith stories of both John and Charles. And conversion isn’t about going from “non-Christian” to “Christian.” Conversion can happen in the lives of believers, also. Conversion is a change that is worked in the lives

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Charles in Charge

Charles Wesley was the poet of the birth of Methodism. In his lifetime, he composed thousands of hymns! His beautiful words captured the theology, the spirit, and the energy of the Methodist movement with vivid elegance. Charles was one of the children of Susannah Wesley, who was a profound spiritual

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