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For Unto Us

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Isaiah 60:1-3, Isaiah 9:1-7. The birth of the Messiah will be a light that shines for a people who have been walking in darkness. When the world is “dark,” we feel anxious, uncertain, fearful; the light of Christ shows us the way ahead. The human response is to leave our anxiety and fear behind and navigate our way in the world guided by the light of God.


Pastor's Note

A Dream of Manchester UMC

The night before my first Monday as part of the staff of Manchester UMC, I had a dream. I dreamed I was packing a large suitcase. Evidently, I was traveling to some spot where I was to address a large group of people on a topic dealing with spiritual life. But I was having

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Exactly How Did I Get Here?

Romans 5:6-8. We all wonder how we got to the places we inhabit. Sometimes we muddle along and find ourselves in a place of great blessing. We receive more than we’ve given. But the opposite is also true: Sometimes we do our due diligence, but everything turns to mud. Problems

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This Moment To Arise

Psalm 37:1-6. The transfiguration event revealed the identity of Jesus in a flash of light. The disciples witnessed it, but had to go back down the mountain into the darkness of the world around them. Even though we are broken and flawed, God’s “limitless, undying love” shines all around us

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