Manchester UMC: “2021 Plan”

Manchester UMC: “2021 Plan”


In January 2018, a group of members, clergy and staff gathered offsite for an all-day workshop to discuss, dream and discern where God is calling Manchester UMC over the next four years. From that session, the group proposed six priorities and related 4-year goals to the church Leadership Board. The group also recommended that teams of laity, staff and clergy be formed to collaboratively develop strategies that support the achievement of the six priorities and their goals.

In February 2018, the Leadership Board of Manchester UMC approved the “2021 Plan” (PDF) and the creation of six cross-functional “WIN Teams” comprised of nearly 50 members, clergy and staff to work on each priority and goal. Each WIN Team was also asked to determine if the goal is achievable and whether it should be adjusted up or down.

“2021 Plan” Values

The values necessary to successfully accomplish the “2021 Plan” are:

  1. Christ focused
  2. Shared Accountability
  3. Regularly assess progress
  4. Celebrate successes and learning
  5. Transparent Communication
  6. Grow trust and teamwork

Stay Informed & Offer Input

This page is designed to keep the people of Manchester UMC informed about the “2021 Plan” and specifically about the work of each WIN Team. Minutes from WIN Team meetings are posted to this page as soon as they become available. Questions, ideas and input related to the work of each WIN Team are invited and can be emailed to the leader of the WIN Team (shown below).

Leadership Board Updates


Each of the WIN Teams gives progress updates to the church Leadership Board every 3 months. The first of those updates occurred on July 8, 2018. A copy of each team’s written progress updates to the Leadership Board is available below as a PDF. Paper copies are available upon request by contacting Tiffany Conway.

“WIN Team” Information & Minutes

1.) WORSHIP –  Shape our worship experiences to reach a broad demographic.

2.) MISSION –  Provide needed resources and assistance to residents in our local communities.

3.) DISCIPLESHIP –  Grow the number of people connecting in Christian community and living more missionally.

4.) YOUTH –  Grow the number of middle and senior high students actively engaged at Manchester UMC.

5.) YOUNG ADULTS-  Grow the number of people ages 25 to 35 having a first-time experience with Manchester UMC.

6.) FINANCIAL –  Strengthen and grow the financial resources of Manchester UMC.

  • Goal:  By the end of 2021, $500,000 has been raised for phase 1 of the HVAC projects, and $400,000 has been raised to pay down Manchester UMC’s debt/mortgage.
  • Leader:  Pastor Phil Estes
  • WORSHIP WIN Team Members:  Rev. David Bennet, Ed Crawford, Ali Fields, Debbie, Hilton, Tom Hilton, Cheri Hoeferlin, Craig Hoeferlin, Tom Lawrence, Jennifer McGillivary, Matt Pasley, Kurt Rehwinkel, Joe Strohm, Vicki Strohm, and Phil Wiseman.
  • Resource/Alignment Member:  Pastor Jim Peich
  • Progress Updates to Leadership Board:    July 8, 2018 Update
  • Meeting Minutes:  May 7 2018 Minutes  June 6 2018 Minutes  Oct 15 2018 Minutes   February 17 2019 Update

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